Between Standard and High: The Latest on Videos

Admit it or not, anyone with an affordable android tablet uses it to watch some videos. Whether you are watching through a streaming website like YouTube or upload your own videos from another source, you would most definitely have used your tablet to view a movie, music video, or even just a snippet of a Vine video or something posted on your Facebook wall.

But then, like much of technology, videos have also progressed much, and you have come across "HD". For those who are in the dark about HD video and are afraid to ask for fear of being laughed at, here are some answers to questions that are certainly bugging you about the topic.

What is high definition video?

This is a term we often hear nowdays. There is no clear definition of what it is but what we know is that it reflects to any video that has a higher resolution than the normal. It is usually a video that has a resolution of 720p or 1080p. Format is also usually widescreen and has a display of between 24 to 60 frames per second. This is becoming a standard among video formats that are being released.

How is HD different from standard video? Is there really a huge difference?

There is a big difference between the HD and standard video when it comes to the specifications. Since HD video has a higher rate of frames per second, the video quality is definitely much better. The number of lines is also higher compared to the standard videos that we are used to. The video becomes seamless because of this and is less pixelated. You can definitely feel the difference if you watch a non-HD video in a wide-screen television as the pixels become more visible.

What are the pros and cons of having videos on HD?

Of course, there are 2 sides to every story and the same goes with HD videos. The great thing about this type of video is that the quality is high so if you have a big screen television, your viewing experience will be much better as it is formatted to view in a widescreen format. The downside of this is that the file is quite large so if you are planning to download it from the Internet, you would need a large capacity hard drive to be able to accommodate the files. Transferring them can also be a test of patience.

Can any tablet or screen show HD video? Are there any particular gadgets that can do justice to HD video?

There are a lot of affordable Android tablet computers models that can already accommodate HD video since this is becoming the standard when it comes to the videos that are produced slowly. The demand for such videos are increasing steadily that even streaming videos are submitted as HD. There are even some brands that already have HD-capable screens as well as having HD-capable cameras.