Spirit of Boston Edison Historic District in Detroit, Michigan

Since 1958, the City of Detroit has its famous Spirit of Detroit icon, cast by the accused sculptor Marshall Fredericks, but the Boston-Edison Historic District neighborhood has its own iconic family: the Frederick Marshall Family, who, since 1983, has made Boston -Edison their home.

Frederick (Rick) and Evarn Marshall moved to their home on Longfellow in April, 1983. At the time, Evarn was expecting their first child, Frederick III, and looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom. The house they bought was, we would say, a "fixer-upper". It had been totally gutted, and had to be completely refurbished and remodeled inside and out. According to Evarn, they did not have the money to hire contractors, so they decided to tackle every single project themselves. Evarn loves the uniqueness of the homes in the neighborhood; and reminds everyone that "they do not make houses like these any more"!

Rick and Evarn took the Lord as their partner and general contractor, so to say, bought books, attended classes, went to home improvement stores and completed one project after another. Except for learning how to paint when she was a child (especially doing the "non-fun stuff – the trim"), Evarn had little experience in home repair, and Rick had even less. But historically, the couple, along with their children, completely remade their home. Even the boys, Frederick and Aaron, along with their dad, even learned how to replace plumbing fixtures and build cement porches and driveways. Just this August, Rick completed a cement porch in the back of the house with a built-in seat!

Rick and Evarn love Boston-Edison so much, they have encouraged all of their children to purchase their own homes here. So far, Frederick and Aaron live on Chicago and Boston Boulevards, and daughter Jill Thomas and her husband Luther are looking for their dream home in Boston-Edison. We are so proud and excited to have generations of the Frederick Marshall Family here; and we are looking forward to other families casting their roots right here in our wonderful Boston-Edison Historic District Neighborhood.