Travel tips that you don’t know about

If you travel regularly for business and / or pleasure, you are probably aware of many of the standard travel tips, such as your advance booking and keeping your luggage weight below 50 50 to avoid extra weight fees. But for the conscious traveler, we offer a little less familiar, suggested offer to help you save money and reduce travel stress.

Sign up for the TSA pre-check program. If you travel a lot, you can look for the Transport Safety Administration’s Precheck Trusted Traveler Safety Screening option. Pre-check members are eligible for instant security screening at participating airports. More than 336,000 passengers have already passed through Prechek Lane. Members of the American Airlines Advantage Program are currently available at Kennedy, Dallas / Fort Worth, Miami, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Los Angeles airports in New York, and members of Delta Skymiles in Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, Minneapolis. The TSA has announced that US Airways, United Airlines and Alaska Airlines will begin preheating operations later this year. Prechecks are available for members of the Global Entry Program of Customs and Border Protection.

Be aware of new airline ticket pricing rules. Earlier this year, the Department of Transportation (DOT) passed new rules needed to make commercial airlines more transparent about how they advertise their ticket prices. In the past, airlines used to advertise only the original price of the ticket. Now, airlines must disclose the total price of tickets to ticket buyers, including round-trip fares, more mandatory federal taxes, airports and any other fees a passenger must pay. Be aware that when you shop online for tickets, the advertised price includes government and airport taxes and additional fees. Understand now, because previously hidden fees included the advertised price of a ticket, what we consider a good price for a ticket will be higher than in the past.

Save money with smart travel apps. Going on a road trip? Take advantage of technology, including gas prices. There are plenty of smartphone apps out there. Check out GasBuddhi, FuelFinder, iGasUp and Triptic Mobile to find gas stations with the best prices. Use Route 4 Mail, WAZE or Google Maps to find the most fuel efficient route. Roadhead for iPhone lets you know your location on the highway and incoming and outgoing service and gas prices.

When traveling abroad with your smartphone, notify your service provider so that you are active for international use. To avoid high-per-use rates, only use the data portion / internet access when you need to check the email. Use free Wi-Fi whenever possible, but sometimes you won’t be able to access a bank account or personal financial information. Don’t join networks with the title “Free Public Wi-Fi” They are often insecure networks created by hackers. Also, be aware of roaming rates, especially in European countries.