Construction area traffic laws and ticket types

During the summer months, construction zones can be a nuisance to travel by car. Not only will construction zones increase your travel time because you have to slow down to get through them, but it can also create traffic jams in non-congested areas in general.

Despite how inconvenient it can be, traffic needs to be built to keep motorways in adequate condition. While traveling through construction zones can be frustrating, following traffic laws is important because it also protects other motorists and construction workers.

Driving laws are violated

Scattered driving laws vary from state to state, and it is important to know and understand the laws of the surrounding state when traveling through multiple states.

One of the most confusing driving offenders is cell phone use. Using cell phones while driving is illegal in many states. Even if a state does not ban cell phone use in public areas, construction sites generally have additional restrictions on phone use to reduce the chances of isolated driving.

Construction area tickets

You can get multiple types of tickets in the construction zone and the most common ticket is a speeding ticket. As the speed limit for road extensions decreases – and some areas are poorly identified – it becomes harder for you to know when a construction area begins or ends.

There are two main types of speed limit reduction in construction zones. The first is an original, photo-enforced speed limit, work area reduction. This is a new development that has created a place to enter the workplace as states have updated their laws to use speed cameras and radar guns to catch speeding motorists. This speed reduction is applied throughout the area even when staff are not present.

The second type of speed limit reduction is a defined limit that applies only when workers are present. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimit signs usually have flashing lights or indicators that indicate when staff are present, which helps drivers know when the speed limit should be observed. These limits can also be applied to photos, but it is more common for a police officer to be present to ensure that drivers follow the speed limit.

Manage a ticket

If you get a ticket to a workplace, you will be subject to higher fines and stiffer penalties. You will probably have to appear in court and also get a hefty fine for dangerous drivers and workers.

It can be very difficult to work with these types of tickets and it is best to find someone who handles these situations on a regular basis.