Ways to save money on tickets and hotel bookings when traveling abroad

In the continuation of our previous article where we discussed different ways to save money while traveling abroad, here we discuss a few ways on how to effectively book air travel tickets and hotel bookings.

1) One way to save money when booking your airline ticket is to get quotes from several travel agents. Find the best price option to get the best price and then discuss with that travel agent. Also, stay tuned for the best last minute trips. This type of offer can help you save money, because you can book your ticket at a better price.

2) Try to make sure your food and extra items are included in the net price of your flight ticket. It will also save you money as you will not have to pay extra for the ticket.

3) In addition to looking for the best last minute travel deals, if possible, try booking flights throughout the meal time. That way, you’ll be able to include your lunch / dinner with the price of your flight ticket and save some money. Also, there is no harm in asking for extra food on the plane.

4) One of the ways to save money when searching for accommodation is – try booking a hotel online. You can find a wider selection and options on the internet than when you go offline route through your travel agent. You can compare prices and then make a booking. In addition, check for individual hotel reviews, which are already available to travelers staying at these hotels. Through these individual hotel reviews you can have a fair idea of ​​the type of accommodation and services you can expect for your budget. After all, our goal is to save money, so it’s best to spend some time on the Internet to find out if the hotel is really asking for the right price for the service offered.

5) Another important way to save money when booking a hotel online is – be sure to discuss the basics such as a decent breakfast, internet access and, if possible, a decent selection, above the airport when discussing hotel prices. Get off at the airport. Also, if it is off season, many airlines / travel agents can offer the best last minute travel business in hotel packages to get sure clients. So, it is better to get regular updates from your travel agent and internet. Having this information can save you money while traveling.

Here we have discussed some of the ways to save money on air travel tickets and hotel bookings. For more articles like this, see and subscribe to our blog.

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