Grocery Store Discount Tickets – King Sopers, Costco and Safeway Ski Deals

Hunting down lift tickets at grocery stores

There was a huge movement in the ski industry in the 1990s and early 2000s to sell discounted lift tickets to grocery stores and with local ski rental locations. Nowadays, passes are still sold in grocery stores, but unfortunately rates are no longer discounted. Even at peak times, prices like ski resorts at grocery stores in King Sopers, Safeway, Costco and Albertson are at the same rate.

It is common knowledge in the ski industry that buying your tickets ahead of time can save you time significantly. With the advent of online brokers, deals and discounted ski passes are readily available online. Just a simple search for discount rates at your favorite ski resort will lead you to many options that you may not know are available to you before you spend your precious time in the car searching for deals at grocery stores like Safeway, King Soaps or Costco. Check online.

1. King Sopers discount ski lift tickets

King Supers is the best known grocery store for selling passes. This is especially true for those who come to Colorado Sky or on vacation. In previous years, King Soapers had had good prices in all major stores across Colorado. In recent years this has changed, especially for the duration of the top episode. The discount season at King Sopers no longer exists during the high season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidential Weekend and most of March). In the lower season, ticket prices are the same as in most grocery stores you will find in the ticket window.

2. Safeway discount ski passes

Safeway lift passes are very similar to the special King Sopers and the price you pay depends on the year you plan to ski. It is advisable to book your lift tickets online in advance without waiting for the last minute.

3. Costco discount skiing

There are costcore deals for skister in California and Utah, but no discounts in Colorado. Prices for various ski resorts in the Utah and California regions vary greatly depending on when you are heading to the mountains. Check your local Costco outlet for options. Or if you prefer to save gas, money and time, search online for better business. Most online travel portals that sell discounted ski tickets will email you confirmation. After that, all you have to do is print out your confirmation and bring it to the ticket office for your ski passes.

4) RII store

Some RII stores sell lift tickets by connecting to Ticket West. Prices vary depending on the season.