India Air Travel

Lots of people resort to international travel because of the expensive planes. But nowadays there are several discounted round-trip flights in India. So, if you are planning a flight abroad, make sure you have a good deal when you book a flight ticket. If a full-fledged trip to different cities is a part of the trip, it is advisable to take the airpass, which reduces the price a part of the actual cost.

Prime Travels offers bargaining airports. Their unbeaten tariffs include the Washington-Delhi / Mumbai-Washington কর 799 extra tax; Vancouver-Delhi-Vancouver R 38,500 for additional taxes; San Francisco-Bangalore-San Francisco for বেশি 990 plus taxes; London-Mumbai-London GBP290 plus tax; Los Angeles-Mumbai-Los Angeles $ 890 for additional taxes; Boston-Hyderabad-Boston অতিরিক্ত 999 for additional taxes; Seattle-Mumbai-Seattle $ 999 for additional taxes; Newark-Ahmedabad-Newark $ 1,070 for additional taxes; Phoenix-Chennai-Phoenix $ 1,090 for additional taxes; And the Houston-Cochin-Houston $ 1,090 for additional taxes.

If calling in the US, dial 201-255-3078 for information (1 am-5p.m.EST, Mon-Fri).

Globe Travels also offers very good discounts. Travel from Los Angeles to Bombay / Delhi / Bangalore / Madras or Hyderabad for about $ 799. However, travel should begin before April 30, 2006; The offer is valid for flights by Air India and Malaysian Airlines via Kuala Lumpur; The deadline to purchase tickets is March 24, 2006, and tickets must be purchased on the same day as the reservation.


If your itinerary is extensive travel within India, discover and enjoy the airport of India. Like floating fares in the US, Indian Airlines and Jet Airways offer excellent bargains; Their airspace is designed for foreigners and non-resident Indians. A fifteen-day airpass costs 500 500 while a twenty-one-day airpass costs 7 750. The routing is Delhi-Jaipur-Udaipur-Bombay-Goa-Bangalore-Cochin-Madras-Delhi. The traveler incurs expenses and bookings individually but he pays only a fraction of the amount he has to pay for the trip to India.

Jet Airways INC of India, 2301 Camino Raman Suite 140, San Raman, CA 94583; Telephones: 001 925 8661205, 001-866 U-fly-jet; Fax: 001 925 8309771; Email: Indian Airlines, Toll Free No: 1-866 I Fly IAC (435 9422); New York GSA, Tel: 866-435-9422; Fax: 212-279-6602; Email: