"Hitzville" Star Jin-Jin Reeves Brings Motown To Las Vegas

In the early 60’s when music was having another resurgence, it took the vision of one innovative music producer to start one of the biggest record labels in history. This development also lead to one of the most distinct musical styles in the country. Motown records was started by legendary music producer Berry Gordy. Based in Detroit Motown Records brought a distinct R+B sound to the radio that a lot of people had not heard at the time. Big bands, jazz grooves and unique voices all blended together to bring a brand new sound to the airwaves. It was here where music legends Diana Ross, Glayds Knight, Tina Turner got their start and eventually lead them to worldwide fame.

It was this sound and this style that influenced a young Jennifer (Jin-Jin) Reeves. At a very early age Jennifer displayed a natural talent for songwriting, dancing and singing. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she began to study acting to further expand her artistic abilities. As all of this going on, Detroit was experiencing its own artistic peak giving Jin-Jin the perfect chance to break out and make a name for herself. It wasn’t long before she focused on singing and eventually made it her profession. She began to garner a lot of attention from music legends such as Gladys Knight and Berry Gordy. The Julliard School also took note of what Jin-Jin was doing. After years of perfecting her craft, Jennifer started to share the stage with the likes of The Temptations and Barry White. After appearing in countless stage productions and even an appearance on the American Music Awards, Jennifer “Jin-Jin” Reeves had arrived. Her well-rounded talents make her one of the best all-around entertainers in the business. It is these attributes that landed her the lead roll in one of the hottest Motwon revue shows on the Las Vegas Strip, “Hitzville: The Show”

“Hitzville: The Show” takes all the best of that classic Motown sound and brings it directly to the Las Vegas stage. That soulful R&B sound. A live band takes you on a musical journey with some of the biggest hits of the Motown era. Jin-Jin Reeves provides us with a beautiful representation of some of the biggest stars of Motown from Diana Ross all the way to one of her influences, Gladys Knight. The show features a live band, a cast of dancers and of course Reeves as the leading lady. The show even received a standing ovation from Motown founder Berry Gordy, himself. Whether you are a Motown fan or are looking to expand your musical tastes, “Hitzville: The Show” has something for everyone.