Bradshaw/Montana No Show

Ok, so usually something like this wouldn’t bother me – but the more I got thinking

about it, the more steamed I became. All but three living Super Bowl MVP’s were

present for the Pre-Game Ceremony. Those players were Terry Bradshaw, Joe

Montana, and Jake Scott. Oh, Jake Scott was traveling in Australia and could not

make it you say? Well were Bradshaw and Montana with him? No, they weren’t! Wait,

did you say they were both in Detroit at some point last week. What could have

happened that would have kept them from attending a Ceremony honoring a game

that has been both good and lucrative to them – let’s see:

1.) Death in the Family – Nope not that, I called and spoke with every immediate

member of the Bradshaw and Montana family and all alive THANK GOD!

2.) Sickness – Nope, not that either. These were two of the toughest players ever

to suit so there was no way a cold would have kept them from that

So then what is left? I’ll tell you – MONEY! Bradshaw and Montana declined coming

to the Super Bowl because it did not pay enough. Who do they think they are, Ted

DiBiase? Not even close – They are two guys who owe at least showing up to a sport

that has made them, if nothing else……FREAKIN LOADED.

Joe Montana reportedly was asking for $100,000 dollars as an appearance fee. That

is $99,000 more than Steve Young received for showing up and although I believe

Montana was a better QB, he wasn’t 100X better!

Terry Bradshaw – 4 time SB Champion – 2 Time SB MVP….NO Show! Although he

didn’t come out and say it’s about money….it’s about money. Bradshaw is one of

the highest paid Motivational Speakers in the country so he is paid big time to show

up at events. Here is the kicker – He was in Detroit appearing that week to talk to

some group. Oh, another thing I just remembered, The Steelers were in the Super

Bowl! Nice Terry, way to support your team….ASS!

People talk about today’s athlete and how it is only about the money and how the

athlete of yester-year did it for “The Love of the Game” Well Jerome Bettis, modern

athlete, showed up to play the game he loved while Bradshaw and Montana, well…

you know.