Humidity in Michigan

Michigan is one of the States in the US that experiences a humid climate during the summer season. Summer season means a hot climate in the entire region of Michigan despite being bi-peninsular in nature. The state of Michigan is divided into two regions namely the southern region and the northern region. It is also divided by the lower and upper Peninsula.

The southern region along with the lower Peninsula experiences lower humidity compared to the northern region and upper Peninsula. The southern region experiences warm climate and humidity during summer can be very high. It does experience a shorter winter compared to the northern region where it experiences longer and colder winter. Unlike the southern region, the northern region experiences a warmer climate and higher humidity during summer. The northern region with the upper Peninsula experiences extreme weather conditions as it is hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.

The state of Michigan has eight strategic places where the average humidity is being measured yearly. This is done to provide necessary information for the local residents of each place and its neighboring community to take the necessary precautionary measures from possible heatstroke and other ailments due to the rise in temperature and humidity. The eight strategic places where humidity is being measured for data collection are situated in Alpena, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Houghton Lake, Lansing, Muskegon and Sault Ste Marie. Daily readings that are averaged in a 24-hour basis are taken every 3 hours. The reading in the morning is set at 7am and an afternoon reading is also taken which is set at 4pm.

Listed below is a short summary of the annual average humidity in the state Michigan according to the 8 strategic points where humidity measurement is recorded. The numbers represents the percentage of humidity measured and recorded. It is arranged as daily reading, morning reading and afternoon reading respectively.

For Alpena’s average humidity during the day is 74 while the morning reading is 83 and afternoon reading is 60. For Detroit’s typical reading is 71 while AM and PM reading are 81 and 58 respectively. For Flint’s daily reading is 72 while AM and PM reading are 82 and 59 respectively. For Grand Rapids’ daily reading is 73 while AM and PM reading are 83 and 60 respectively. For Houghton Lake’s daily reading is 75 while AM and PM reading are 85 and 61 respectively. For Lansing’s daily reading is 74 while AM and PM reading are 84 and 61 respectively. For Muskegon’s daily reading is 73 while AM and PM reading are 81 and 63 respectively. And for Sault Ste Marie’s daily reading is 77 while AM and PM reading are 85 and 66 respectively.